Friday, 1 July 2011

Review and Swatches- Boots No7 Metallic Eye Pencils

I bought the No7 Metallic Eye Pencil Set in Smoky Jewels a few weeks ago from Boots in Merry Hill for the bargainous sum of £13.50. I've tried a couple of the No7 metallic pencils before and while I thought they were ok, I wasn't blown away. These have blown me away like a Kansas girl in a hurricane.

So why are they so good?
 I had been lusting over the new Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner set, cooing over and stroking the Debenhams website for several week when I found these. However, I find myself seriously lacking the funds to spend £60 on eyeliners, no matter how pretty they are. No7 Mini Metallics Set has calmed my desire considerably. Just look at these swatches...

L to r- Precious Gold, Precious Black, Precious Silver, Precious Bronze, Precious Copper

Precious Gold- Bit darker than UD Honey. This is a very neutral gold and would go with all eye colours.
Precious Black- This is one I can't make a direct comparison too. This is quite a soft black and the metallic pigments are less noticeable.It stays on the waterline for several hours impressive for something that makes no claim to be waterproof.
Precious Silver- More metallic than UD Dime. This is the most pigmented of the liners.
Precious Bronze- Slightly lighter than UD Lucky but less pigmented. It leans quite warm, as you'd expect for bronze. I can imagine it looking amazing with green eyes.
Precious Copper- Similar to UD Bourbon without the glitter. While it looks quite warm in the swatch, sheered out it's far cooler in tone. I find I reach for this nearly every time I do a neutral look.

I've compared these to Urban Decay as I feel they are very similar, in colour and texture. The Boots pencils are very smooth and creamy; they apply wonderfully with minimal drag and are easy to get into the lashline. The high shine is more reminicent of liquid eyeliner than pencil- they seriously stand out. I prefer them to other drugstore eyeliners as they are more pigmented and sharpen better. My favourite is undoubtably the silver, which also makes a gorgeous base. With my UDPP, they last almost all day on my upper and lower lashlines, which is very good going. While they are similar colours to other brands, the extremeness of the metallic shine and the relatively good price make them outstanding to me.

These are still available on the Boots website for £13.50 and I strongly recommend them, especially if you have a £5 voucher to use up.

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musicndaydreams said...

These look gorgeous! I love metallic eyeliners - I'll definitely be on the look out for these!!

Lois xx