Friday, 27 January 2012

Never Too Much Sparkle Challenge- using Sleek palettes

I’ve been in a neutral eyeshadow rut for months. Everything I’ve bought has been neutral, I’ve worn nothing but neutrals and my Project 10Pan is nearly all neutrals. Boring and lazy!

I recently joined the Never Too Much Sparkle Facebook group  and this week’s challenge is the Blix Remix- to recreate one of the amazing looks done on Glitter is My Crack. This was the perfect excuse to get my barely used Sleek Circus and Curacao palettes out so I chose one of Blix’s brightest looks

Excuse my fringe- no idea what to do with it in FOTD pics
No Blix look is complete with false lashes so I used the ELF dramatic lash kit. I’m so out of practise with lashes, not helped by the fact that these things are awful. Lashes splayed everywhere and so blunt. Won’t be buying those again! They were so uncomfortable that I removed them within minutes.

Products Used
Collection 2000 Perfecting Minerals in Ivory
Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection concealer in Fair
W7 The Cheek of It Blush in Pink Champagne
Benefit Creaseless Cream in Sippin’ n Dippin’
Sleek Circus Palette (Orange and fuschia shades)
Sleek Curacao Palette (Tequila Sunrise, Martini, Singapore Sling, Blue Hawaiian, Purple Haze)
Collection 2000 Glam Crystals in Le Freak (5)
17 Liquid Liner
L’Oreal Lash Architect Mascara
MUA Eyeliner in Snow White
Barry M Eyeliner Pen in Aqua Green
MUA Eyeshadow in shade 19
Natural Collection Moisture Shine Lipstick in Raspberry
Ciate Lipgloss in Ibiza

I loved trying this look. I’m not convinced it suits me but it was fun seeing how I look with my most feared colours- orange and pink. The pictures were taken with flash so the colour has washed out a bit unfortunately- it was much brighter in person. I'd have to having a very brave day to go out with this on.

Hope you liked my recreation of this intense FOTD. Let me know in the comments if you’ve taken part as I’d love to see your looks.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Ruby Hammer Recommends- Not sure if I do.

I bought the Ruby Hammer Recommend Lip Gloss Collection in the Debenhams sale. It was reduced from £7 to £3.50, a good price for 5 lipglosses. I liked some of the Ruby and Millie range so I had high hopes for the lipglosses.

The outer packaging is fairly rubbish and disposable. I certainly wouldn’t put it on display. The writing states that you can be your own makeup artist with these products and that they represent Ruby’s own pro kit. Oooooooooooooh! Ruby Hammer- you big liar! Ok, you might carry a selection of glosses but I’m pretty damn sure you don’t use these on your clients. Tell the truth; you put your name to it for a big fat pay check (Allegedly).

The glosses also have fairly dismal packaging. The plastic tubes feel very cheap and flimsy- much more £1 MUA than £15 LancĂ´me. The only decoration is a simple ‘R’ and they haven’t even been given names. Annoyingly, the some of the applicators  have a small ridge of plastic just above the hole which feels rough on the lips on application. However, at least the hole is the right size so the product can be nicely distributed on the lips.

Each lipgloss varies in quality and consistency. I wouldn’t call them moisturising but at least they don’t dry my lips out. They are all fairly smooth without any stickiness. Some are too runny for my taste but YMMV. They last about 1-2 hours on my lips without having to be reapplied, so fairly average in terms of wear on me. There is a very mild fruity taste and scent but it’s hardly detectable and inoffensive to the senses.
Lto R- Pink, Coral, Fuchsia, Baby Pink, Berry

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Project 10 Pan

Hello! It’s been such a long time since I’ve blogged due to work, health and family commitments. So, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and various other things I’ve overlooked during my hiatus. I’ve really missed blogging and I have an overflowing box of goodies to review (most of which are probably now discontinued because I’ve had them so long!)

Instead of doing a New Year resolution that I will inevitably fail miserably at, I’ve decided to complete a Project10 Pan. If you haven’t heard of this before, it means you commit to either hitting pan or using up 10 beauty items completely before buying anymore. Everyone seems to have their own little rules that go along with Project 10 Pan such as replacing as you go, being able to buy essentials and using any combination of hair, skin and makeup products.

I’ve decided to only use makeup items in my Project. I’m fairly good at using up skin and haircare products before I rebuy and I’m starting to run out of space for eye shadows. As I’m using up products that I’m already most of the way through, I’m going to completely finish them. I am going to be on a complete makeup no-buy UNLESS Sleek bring out a new eyeshadow palette. Yes, so I’m cheating a little bit on my no-buy but I love Sleek palettes. This is what I’m going to be using up:

1. Collection 2000 Perfecting Minerals in Ivory- It’s supposedly a mineral foundation but it’s full of talc, so really I’d just consider it a heavy powder. I never got on with the faff of powder foundation so it has languished in my stash. I’ve just bought the Boots 17 BB cream, so hopefully this will give me some extra coverage and help to mattify.
2. Boots 17 Instant Glow Bronzer in Light- This used to be my go-to contouring powder before I discovered ELF’s cool bronzer but I threw it into a box and forgot about it nearly a year ago. It has a small amount of shimmer and pulls slightly orange on me, which is why I prefer the ELF bronzer. I’ve got so little of it left that hopefully I’ll be finished it soon and be able to go back to my beloved ELF.