Friday, 21 October 2011

Mini Haul- Boots No7, 17 and Benefit

I’ve not bought much makeup recently. Christmas is coming and my family are demanding presents. Selfish! These are the few bits and pieces I’ve picked up since my last haul.

Boots No7 Stay Perfect Nail Varnishes in Violetta and Oyster
Oyster and Violetta
Now I know I said after my last nail haul that wasn’t going to buy any more nail varnishes… But I lied. I had Boots £5 vouchers burning a hole in my pocket. These shades are Oyster and Violetta. As with all No7 Stay Perfect polishes, they are easy to apply and last reasonably well on me with OPI Rapidry. Violetta covers in only two coats and is a dark blue/purple cream; this used to be a Speed Dry shade and have zero lasting power but they've improved it. Oyster takes three and is a neutral pink with a little shimmer. They aren’t worth £7 but definitely worth using your £5 vouchers on.

17 Wild Metallic Eyes Cream Eye Shadow in Wild Nude
17 Wild Nude

I picked this up expecting it to be rubbish. Cream eye shadows are notorious for creasing, fading and being a waste of money. I lost all hope when I opened it to find it was of slippy, soft texture- like a gel mousse hybrid. 
Heavy swatched unblended
Wild Nude blended
HOWEVER! This is wonderful. As long as you set it with shadow it lasts all day without creasing. This colour isn’t particularly metallic but it makes an excellent base. It’s a light champagne colour with a cool shimmer finish. It feels quite wet without a powder to set it but this makes it really blendable. I've seen these compared to MAC Paintpots and I’m planning on picking up some more. A bargain for £3.99.

Benefit Creaseless Cream Eye Shadow/Liner in Sippin ‘n Dippin
Benefit Creaseless Cream
 I picked this up from the bargain cosmetic seller in my local market. I love that man! He probably loves me too given I’m his best customer. I think this shade is either discontinued or possibly has been renamed as R.S.V.P. as the pictures on the Benefit website are very similar. I’ve seen Benefit’s Creaseless Creams raved about so when I saw lovely makeup man had this on his stand for £4, instead of the usual £14, I had to buy it. It’s a champagne peach with light golden shimmer. It feels silky to apply and doesn’t need to be set with powder to last all day. It also lasts reasonably well on my waterline and it makes an excellent eye shadow base. I love the packaging too. Fingers crossed that lovely makeup man has some more colours this weekend!
Sippin 'n Dippin heavy swatch
Sippin 'n Dippin blended

So that’s it! I’ve been really good, haven’t I? Unfortunately, I start a job at M&S next week so I’ll have a staff discount to buy their makeup. Temptation is everywhere. Feel free to let me know what you recommend and what to avoid in the comments.

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