Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Review: Malibu Babes Lip Slick in Succulent Strawberry SPF20

I’ve been trying a lot of cheap products from Poundland recently. I’ve found some great bargains but I’ve also had some disappointments. Malibu Babes Lip Slicks is one of these. I was attracted to this because I’d used a Malibu Babes sunblock stick in the past and was happy with it as a budget handbag item. Also, the weird British summer we are having (lots of sunshine!) made the SPF level very appealing. I was hoping for a product similar to ELF’s Super Glossy Lip Shine SPF15, which I love.

I’m going to come out and say it immediately- I hate this. It’s a detestable waste of money. I don’t care if it’s only £1. I resent Malibu Babes Lip Slick’s very existence!

 It’s a standard squeezy tube with a tapered tip and a twist off cap. The print on the outside is fairly tacky but I could live with that for a product that performs. Urban Decay’s Lube in a Tube looked pretty terrible but I still loved it. The application tip is far too wide for the product type so an excessive amount of product plops out. This is major problem given its consistency.
 The gloss is extremely runny and I was left with a lot of it bleeding over my lip edge. Just look at how the swatch has run on my arm! It is very slippy, and not in the slightest bit tacky. In theory, this should make it feel moisturising but, in reality, my lips felt oily. It purports to be moisturising but I must admit I didn’t give it long enough to judge the effectiveness. I just wanted it away from my mouth.

The colour is unimpressive. Using Succulent Strawberry to describe a shade makes me think of a pink or bright red tone. I don’t think I’d enjoy eating a strawberry if it was rusty orange! I‘d also assume a depth of colour but it is extremely sheer as you can see in the comparison shot with my natural lips. Apart from a shine, I can’t see any colour change, bar a few shimmery particles around the lip line. The swatch shows that the shimmer is unevenly suspended; it slides around in the gloss. Because of the lack of pigment and how slippy it is, you won’t be shocked to hear the lasting power is terrible. Within 15 minutes there was no trace on my lips left whatsoever. It’s almost magical! Poof! Gone!

So can I find any positives? Well, the scent is nice. It’s more tuttifrutti than strawberry but as a fruity scent goes, it’s pleasant. It is also flavourless. Yeah, that’s it. That’s all the good I can say Malibu Babes Lip Slick.

If you really want to buy this, I’d question your sanity based on what you’ve just read. However, it’s available from Poundland. It’s also on Ebay. But don’t, ok? Mine is going bin-wards!

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